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Home Decor 4 Living Rooms Perfect For Hosting An Award-Winning Viewing Party The start of a new year is usually associated with the beginning of new adventures. But in the media and entertainment business, a new year marks an opportunity to reflect on recent triumphs. The entertainment of the past 12 months has been parsed and praised, and the only thing left to do is definitively decide […]
Home Decor A Recipe For Style: 4 Homes With Fabulous Kitchens Whether in the heart of Manhattan or in the historic district of Santa Fe, these impeccable kitchens offer an impressive blend of functionality, comfort, and style. A River Oaks Classic On one of the most sought-after streets in Houston, this stately 1939 residence has been painstakingly, stylishly renovated to serve as a chic setting for […]
Home Decor Inside Two Penthouses At The Plaza As any traveling businessperson or seasoned globetrotter knows, Manhattan is strewn with hotels, many of them glamorous and highly esteemed. None, however, can hold a proverbial candle to the Plaza, whose silhouette alone is recognizable to esteemed executives, royalty—both heads of state and the Hollywood variety—and Eloise fans young and old. This historic landmark was […]
Home Decor Year In Review: Luxury Home Highlights From 2023 What constitutes a luxury home? There was no singular answer to that question in 2023, as every month produced a pageant of some of the most exemplary and visionary properties on earth. Some are chic and innovative, featuring the latest technology and forward-thinking approaches to indoor-outdoor living. Others celebrate classical prestige, paying homage to stately […]
Home Decor Presenting Peach Fuzz, the designated Pantone® Color of the Year for 2024 Since the start of the 21st century, Pantone® has been setting the tone for each New Year with its Color of the Year announcement. More than just a color choice, it’s like a sneak peek into the upcoming twelve months, predicting the shades and influences that will shape our world. This chosen color isn’t just […]
Home Decor What’s New In Art, Architecture, And Design Contemporary Landscapes, Party Barns, and Bespoke Home Cocktail Bars Are All the Rage Landscape painters are telling stories that reach far beyond stars, sky, and sea; backyard barns are playing host to elaborate get-togethers; and custom cocktail bars are serving drinks in style at home. Here are the latest trends in art, architecture, and design. […]
Home Decor Let There Be Light: Five Homes With Striking Light Fixtures Whether they’re artfully sculptural, modernly minimal, or dazzlingly crystalline, distinctive light fixtures make each of these homes shine. Tribeca Treasure High above the Four Seasons Hotel in Tribeca, this 2,265-square-foot residence combines a landmark location with modern aesthetics. Of the three bedrooms, the primary suite boasts full-height windows, a wet bar, and a bath with […]
Home Decor How To Anchor Rooms Around Statement Art Pieces Art can be complex or purposely inscrutable, making the complete “understanding” of a piece an impossibility. But that doesn’t mean you can’t notice and interact with the work—and there are three fundamental qualities any art scholar or historian will immediately identify. First, the physical form; what medium or media is the work made with? Second, […]
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Home Decor Inside An Architectural Landmark In Chelsea Hardly a week goes by that a luxurious property somewhere in the world is marketed for its acclaimed architect, commendable construction firm, or esteemed design team, the quality of whose work is often not readily apparent in photographs. The reason for the honors showered on this striking Chelsea townhouse, however, are immediately apparent: its breathtaking […]
Home Decor The Art Of Curation: How To Choose And Display Fine Art An exceptional art collection may be eclectic, but it’s never disorderly; every piece is chosen because it holds personal significance, or dialogues compellingly with a certain space or place. That’s why if you have a private art collection—or aspire to amass one—knowing how to curate it in your home is so essential. When done properly, […]
Home Decor Inside A Consummate Vineyard Estate Seemingly countless properties in the Napa Valley region claim to afford “the quintessential wine country lifestyle,” but this impressive 14-acre estate—a Mediterranean-style residence enveloped by more than 11 acres of flourishing vineyards, stalwart trees, picturesque lanes, swaths of grassy lawn, and regal rolling hills and mountains—is a rare milieu, photos of which practically beg to […]
Home Decor Revving Up: 4 Homes With Amazing Garages With models that can retail for millions of dollars, the world’s leading car manufacturers definitively rank among the most iconic luxury brands. Ferrari, Pagani, McLaren, Aston Martin—the creations of legendary carmakers like these, in many cases, far surpass both the prestige and the price point of other luxury labels. Perhaps it therefore goes without saying […]
Home Decor The Farmhouse Renaissance: Inside 4 Farm-Style Homes While glass-walled apartments and park-facing penthouses have traditionally defined modern luxury, a new trend is emerging in high-end real estate: the modern farmhouse. From rolling hills to sprawling fields, these homes are inspired by tradition and designed to blend back-to-the-land simplicity with contemporary comforts. Don’t be fooled by their humble monikers—these farmhouses are anything but […]
Home Decor Bon Appétit! 4 Homes With Fantastique French Ranges With designs reminiscent of stoves in vintage European homes, eye-catching French ranges add a dose of Old World charm to any kitchen. Parisian-Inspired Pacific Heights Manor This stately San Francisco hôtel particulier combines Old World inspiration with contemporary comforts and conveniences. Highlights include a foyer with a soaring window wall and a dramatic 16th-century fireplace; […]
Home Decor Checkmate: 4 Homes With Black-And-White Floors A decorative motif since ancient Egypt, the black-and-white checkered floor appears in Masonic temples, the colonnade of the Grand Trianon at Versailles, and countless early-20th-century American homes. The pattern subtly introduces a sense of fun and whimsy while adding depth and dimension—checking all the boxes of thoughtful, timeless design. A Southern California Classic Dating to […]